HELP: Landscape Layers made of material function not working

Hi, im trying to learn how to make landscapes and how to texture them, so I’ve made one in WM and imported to unreal with two textures blended in a layer, im using a BW splatmap that paints those textures in the landscape, this is the result:

This is the landscape material:

The thing is that i want to add another material (a woods ground) to hand paint the terrain below the forest, and it doesnt seems to work, i`m a completely noob so I dont know what im doing wrong, heres the landscape material with the new layer added:

I just added another layer and blended it with the other matlayerblend_standar, the result of this is that the landscape becomes gray and i cannot paint it nor apply the splatmap, it just stays grey.

I would appreciate any help!