Help importing a Skelaton

Hi Guys

I have it currently in the wrong forum

But to have it simple, My motorcycle imports as about 180 parts instead of one mesh,

Any ideas



just from what I see on you post, did you combine the meshes in your 3d software before exporting?

also you could try to import w/ the combine meshes checked?

edit - ps: post some pics of this, looks like it might be cool when you get it all put together lol :wink:

This is what it is like when I import it as static mesh


No where to check combined meshes



nice model

yes, that’s importing as skeletal / rigged model
the combined meshes option is a static mesh option

have you tried exporting from your 3d software as one group or combined together yet?
Unreal is actually importing this as different models from what I see, it’s normal behavior if they aren’t grouped together. it thinks you want it that way.

haven’t seen many have any luck w/ 2-wheeled vehicles yet, tho’. do you have a skeletal rig made up for the bike?

anyway, I would try to combine these before export if you want it as a rigged model

Free Beeeeeee

I tried to put it in blender and make whole, but I really suck at blender, so no luck.

Noob trying to do advanced stuff. LOL

Looks like I am stuck for now until I learn blender

Cheers for your answer though mate.


try this one

not a great recording you might havre to turn the sound up a lot