Help identifying where initial velocity is coming from?

After creating a new project based on the FPS Camera default (using Blueprints),
i’ve been looking around and can’t quite pick where the projectile’s initial velocity is coming from.

The SpawnActor node connected to the Firing event seems to grab the player position and offset it by a vector to get the muzzle position to spawn the projectile at.

But i can’t seem to find anywhere in related blueprints that provides the actual motion.

Additionally, come to think of it. I do not believe i’ve found the location of the projectile’s lifetime either (they appear to despawn after a while).

These will probably be obvious to someone else.

It looks like the projectile velocity is determined by the projectile component, in the components tab of the projectile Blueprint. There’s a property named “Initial speed”, set to 3000, along with some other useful values for gravity scale, bounciness, etc. :slight_smile: The “Initial Life Span” property can be found in the Blueprint’s defaults panel, which in this case is set to 3 seconds.

Thankyou very much, those details look like just the information i was looking for :smiley: