HELP! I deleted all my progress with assets (not landscapes) by deleting the new folder which has been created after i renamed my "alpha"-folder which contained ALL the meshes (Redirectors)

After i wanted to rename my “alpha”-folder which contained all meshes, a second folder got created with the new name now containing all the meshes which he took over from all over the map. I didn´t want this, so i deleted the folder. Now, my original “alpha”-folder is now empty. The second new folder is empty too, but still there. I would undo the history but the engine crashed and now i don´t even can undo this stupid mistake. I don´t have an autosave since i deactivated it to prevent wrong saving. How can i load the backup file called BuiltData.uasset inside the Projekt > Saved > Backup. The last time it got changed is 13:00. I hope this is the time before my mistake and it can undo my progression loss from the last months.

Please help if you can and ask people you think might be able to help!!!

EDIT: I learned that this “issue” has something to do with redirectors. Can i somehow undo them after an engine crash and with deleted meshes and materials inside the project?

Perhaps the folder is still in the trash bin? Otherwise, always make backups.

It is not in the trash bin. The folder inside my project is deleted (well, cleared. the folder itself is still there) in my project.

This will help you not have the same problem three months from now after you have re-done all your work.

Hmm. Looks interesting. Thank you.