Help getting started with UE4

So, for quite sometime I have been working in a story that is really incredible, it’s that type of story that has always a second meaning and challenges someone’s logic to think. Trust me, this is Tolkien type material really good. I consider myself a good writer.

I’ve been thinking how do I make people interested in this story I made?
And being a big fan of FNAF series made me think how awesome it would be for Matt Pat to start and do theories about my game and really a horror game really fits the story.

I’m somewhat experienced in level designing, I’ve been making workshop content since 2012 through the sdk’s they provide. (UDK, Far Cry level editor, CryEngine, Source engine)
I just have this two huge problems:

1st I know nothing of programming (I’ll use UE4 so I don’t think much programming will be needed.)
2nd I don’t know how to 3D model and that is really a big problem because I don’t know how to create my original assets.

The help I’m asking you is in how to make those assets, or how to obtain some free ones to spare time.

PS: I don’t have a budget it all depends on what I will need

Start with the beginner series of tutorials on the editor, blueprints and similar topics. Blueprint is easy to get started with and as it is in fact programming will make it easier to dabble in C++ later.

As for models, Epic got a lot of free stuff you can use commercialy in UE4. Start with that. If you intend to learn modeling ger Blender and google for beginner tutorials.

As for the game do not begin with the game of your dreams but make something very small. Make a single chapter of Bilbo, then the entire book and then you can bgin with your LotR epic! For that big game you will probably need a team in addition to more experience.