Help getting an enemy AI to patrol using a spline path and behaviour tree

Hi there everyone,

I have been working on a stealth game prototype in which enemies patrol along set paths, get distracted by sounds and, if nmot taken out, return to their path.

I am trying to set the paths using a spline so that the movement is more fluid and less stilted. I have managed to contruct the blueprints so the enemies follow a path and I am now trying to intergrate this into the AI controller behaviour tree with strange results.

When the action is cued through the behviour tree the enemy stutters even though the behaviour tree is not firing down any other braches. It appears that the act of the Behaviour tree firing from the ROOT is conflicting with the ai finding the position on the spline, although i cannot find a sure cause or solution. Can anyoner help me out?

Below is a video showing the probnlem and the blureprint set up.


AI Patrol path using a spline.mkv (24.4 MB)