Help :( (game play type issue)

I would be so happy if you can put me out of my misery.

I have created a small level inside Unreal Engine 4.
Its made up of some static meshes, and objects.

All I want to do is import and play it with the various game modes from the learning sections, so I want to run around it with a gun.
I want to drive the vehicle around it. I want to run around it in the 3rd person.

But how can I do this, because I have to create the map as new every time. If I save the map and load it inside that game mode, its just like my original file.

All I want to do is import my level into these demo games, delete the level design from the demo contact and just use the game playe machnics they setup.
Atm the cloest I get to this is importing the assets and I have to postion them all again from scratch which would take DAYS PER GAMETYPE.

Can someone please help me on this, there MUST be a simple way this can be done.

great support.

create a new project, with whatever gameplay type you want eg. third person example… close the project… open your own project… go to your maps folder… right click and choose migrate… select the content folder of the third person game you created… now open the third person game project… double click on your map… hey presto! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply, but when I do that, all it does is what I said in my original reply. It just loads the map and mode and gets rid of everything in the new map.

  1. Open the map you want to copy from
  2. Select the actors and press CTRL+C
  3. Open the map you want to paste into
  4. Press CTRL+V

Thank you so much for putting me out of my misery :slight_smile:

You’re welcome :slight_smile: