Help for animation [and sorry for all those help posts i posted]

i excuse for posting all those help threads but i really need u guys !!

so i want to know if using just blendshapes will be problematic?? if it is less performance ?

Well… First off, please drop the habit of making a lot of question marks and exclamation marks. It only makes your text look messy :).

Secondly, there isn´t a noticable performance impact, when you use blendspaces. It is basicly just a function, which interpolates animations.

I will give you another advice: To be be most performance friendly, refrain from using a feature/function/functionality to the extreme. And with “extreme” I mean dozens or hundreds of them :).

Kind regards,

^^ all i was waiting for as a answer thanks a lot for your advices , i also promise ou to not use a lot of mark and exclamations marks ^^ it’s just to cover my lack in english