[HELP] Dynemicly Changing Point Of Player Gravity

I’m currently working on a game where the main mechanic requires the ability to dynamically change the player’s gravity. The gravitational pull will be chosen by a point that the player chooses (by shooting, so raycasting) and they player would be affected by this point of gravity. The main thing I need to be able to figure out is how to make gravity point to a world point that is chosen by a player’s raycast.

Anyone out there have any suggestions as to how I can figure out how to do such things?

PM Cypher2012. He gave a presentation to the London Unreal Engine Meet-up of something very similar to this. Don’t expect to be spoon-fed the code, though. It’s a non-trivial piece of work, and you won’t get it for free. He may be able to give you some pointers. He’s a really nice bloke.