HELP! Devs!

I created a loop with a break in my HUD script - I guess there was an error with how I set it up, but the editor closed right down completely and now I am unable to open this project at all. Everytime I try to load it, the editor just shuts down. I have a TONNE of work in there that I can’t afford to lose! Is there anyway I can get my blueprints back? I tried importing the blueprints into another new project, and as soon as I go to open the blueprint in the editor, the editor shuts down again. ACK!!! This goes for ANY blueprint that was in the project, including my character, game mode, state etc.
I can’t afford to lose all this hard earned work. What can I do??

This is what I get when I try to open the project from within VS2013

Hi Savaikun,

A post like this would be better served posting it on our AnswerHub.

Thank you!


So I’ve managed to redeem my code, it was a LOT of work and sweat, but I’ve done it.
Now I am getting these unexpected errors ALL OVER the place on my HUD blueprint. Even if I replace all of these nodes, they still come up with this weird error that I cannot figure out. I am also getting this error with my IsValid nodes and have no clue how I can fix this. Is there a way I can find/replace these items instead of having to go through all of it?

Any idea how I can fix this issue with unexpected errors, even after replacing the nodes?


And even though these functions exist, it’s telling me that they do not now…this all worked BEFORE this whole project got all corrupted, so what is going on???

It’s going to take me a week just to find/replace all of this, I hope someone has an easier answer…

i have in my project one or two functions and one loops with that error, i compiled and dissapear, work all fine. Would be nice ride fix that anyway.

More of a general note. In the future you should perhaps look into setting up source control like Perforce. If you mess something up big time you can just revert to a previous version. Gives me a lot of ease of mind personally (and of course it also serves as a backup solution).

Thanks, I’ll look into this! :smiley: