Help coming up with simple combo attacking/slashing system? (2D platformer)

Hi everyone! I’ve been working on my game quite a bit now, and it’s come out rather nicely, and I have all of you to thank for that, so thank you :smiley:

This time what I want to do is come up with a simple combo system. By combo system, what I mean is that if you press the slash key once, it plays the first animation, and then if you press it again within, say, .5 seconds, it plays the second animation, and then the third animation, and so on. But if you take longer than .5 seconds, it plays the first animation again. Do you all know what I mean?

How would you all go about accomplishing this? Right now, my system is setup really similarly with the stickman platformer sample that comes with UE4, and it’s doing the job pretty well. I, however, can’t seem to wrap my head about how I would do this, specifically with the timers without having an excessive amount of variables X’D

Thanks again, guys!