HELP : Character slowly floating to floor while in air when spamming aim input ( Right Click )

Hi all,

I’m creating a 3D sidescroller and have set up input for my character to stand still and aim a certain direction with the aim offset as well as the camera zooming a bit back to allow the player to see more of the level.

However I ran into a problem where if I press the aim button while my character is in the air, it would get stuck in the air and aim as it should…while still floating in the air :confused:

I fixed this by adding a Branch and only continuing to aim if falling is false.

Now my problem and reason for my post is this:

  • When I jump in the air and spam the aim button, my character seems to slowly fall to the floor and I can literally float from one part of the level to the next. Normally shooting while in the air and spamming the shoot button does not do this( which is correct ).

How would I go about fixing this “turning my character into a feather” problem?

PS: I also would like to add a timeline when my character aims so the camera moves back slowly instead of just snapping back. Do timelines have any significant performance impacts?