Help casting between two non-player StaticMesh blueprints

I’ve found myself in a bit of a pickle, in that I have a crane moving via PhysicsThruster and a separate control box that has VR levers used to control said crane. The idea is that the VR levers (Using mordentral’s VRExpansion plugin) output their own angle, which I multiply and use for the thruster strength. However, I can’t seem to translate the angle from the Control Box blueprint (which my character can pick up and move levers on) over to the Crane blueprint, as neither is showing to be easily castable. Any help would be appreciated, as i am fairly new to UE4 and even newer to the VR aspect of it.

I’ve attached no blueprints because at this point I’m so up a creek that I don’t really have any to show…

I’d say the first thing to check is: can you make the crane and the control box move like you want using just keyboard input? If you can’t make them animate correclty, then there’s no point in trying to make a connection.

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