Help casting between two non-player StaticMesh blueprints

I’ve found myself in a bit of a pickle, in that I have a crane moving via PhysicsThruster and a separate control box that has levers used to control said crane. The idea is that the VR levers (Using mordentral’s VRExpansion plugin) output their own angle, which i multiply and use for the thruster strength. However, I can’t seem to translate the angle from the Control Box blueprint over to the Crane blueprint, as neither is showing to be easily castable. Any help would be appreciated, as i am fairly new to UE4 and even newer to the VR aspect of it.


I have not used the VR-features for a couple of years ago so I cannot help out with advice on the “correct” setup.

But I do think that you can calculate this by using the dot product.
It’s a bit of math:

Here is a Function I made a quite a while ago: