Help! Cant Build Light Mass! No Shadows! Builds Lightmass 100% Freezes, No SWARM dialouges comments

I Need help FAST! Im using Unreal Engine 4.12.5 .
I Started an architectural housing project of 12 villas. The workflow starts from Revit then exporting to FBX or 3ds Max and Tweaking those UVMaps etc.
Ok then I imported in Unreal Engine and followed tutorials such as “3ds Max Unreal Engine 4 Easy Real Time For Arch Viz” , also I used the paint tool added Free Foliage assets Vegetation Pack from this webpage [FREE] Foliage Starter Kit - World Creation - Unreal Engine Forums . Ive also placed some meshes Textures from the basic content pack and some from Modular Home Pack . All in all the project now leaves me to place some cinematics and render it make it like an architectural animation , but i tried to build my lightmass and it gets 100% Built and then aeverything freezes. I open the task manager the Unreal Engine Memory shows 40% 1,205 MB CPU 0,8 % also i opened that SWARM window just to check in the log , but there is nothing just that green text showing that it started normally. So i guessed maybe i should wait some time maybe itll finish work. Waited 2 hours nothing I tried closing normaly Urnreal but no i ave to end task.
Something started happening when i open my project file this shows up ( CHECK IMAGE “P1” ) It says Door and Porch Railling from file Modular Home cant find file for asset . Is this a problem What should i do to fix this ?
Anyway i clear the log and continue to other problems
So i also did what it says on this page Why foliage doesnt receive static shadows if i disable cast static shadow? - World Creation - Unreal Engine Forums .
No shadows at all even if Lighting mass quality is set to Preview .

As you can see in the attachments the images showing P1 showing the opening error about the Door and Porch Railing , P2 just Showing the Site which is big and Foliage maybe too much, P3 As you can see ive added that LightmassImportancevolume and Postprocess volume (I didnt twek them in anyway), P4 You see the trees were all like those withe ones until i followed this page Why foliage doesnt receive static shadows if i disable cast static shadow? - World Creation - Unreal Engine Forums but still some are like that white not darken like those on the left, P5 I added those Populate people mesh animation in the scene (maybe those are problems im not sure since the dont animate i mean move like in 3ds max) ive also tweaked their UVMaps ,
P6 you can see when i hit the Build Lighting Onlly and set to Preview Quality it freezes after its done and have to terminate it( Before i had a log showing just when it freezes showing a list of “map needs lightin rebuild”,"large actor receives a pre-shadow ithink for Those 3ds max character im not sure. But now there is no log anymore ), P7 Task Manager showing when it freezes and P8 Swarm showing nothing. P9 Swarm Showing Noting.

If it is possible i will send the unreal file and contents if someone can help fix this issue just so that i can move on an make a nice cinematics animation like an arcitectural animation with shadows etc.
Thank You !