Help: BoxTrigger sets "hidden" value of mesh back to "visible" when colliding

Hi Devs,

I have small problem here, basically I have a vehicle which follows a path animated in matinee, the matinee gets called at begin play. Inside the vehicle we placed a TriggerBox which calls the next matinee animation. Goal is to start the first matinee sequence, during that, the TriggerBox (inside the vehicle) has to have no function. Then we placed a TriggerBox in the landscape (positioned at the end of the first sequence), so when the vehicle goes through this specific TriggerBox, it sets the TriggerBox (inside the vehicle) back to visible and is now clickable. Im so sorry for my poor explanation but this is kinda hard to explain, I hope you guys understand :slight_smile:

Now, when trying to run the game, everything works fine, the matinee gets called at begin play, but as soon as the vehicle is colliding with the trigger-box (in the landscape), all of the “hidden” meshes in game, like, hidden icons, or text blocks, will be visible again. How is this possible? I want the hidden icons and text-blocks stay hidden until it gets called.

Has this something to do with the collision presets, so I tried “overlapping” and “ignore” but this seems to not work for my problem :frowning: