Help! Admob error 0: I'm losing my freaking mind!

I’m at my wit’s end with these damned ad mob ads, everything I’ve done to try to get them to work has failed, and I appear to be stuck at receiving an INTERNAL_ERROR (error code 0 - thanks for that Google, it’s super helpful!) in LogCat from google when I try to display an ad. I’m trying to deploy this mess using Blueprints, and I have read a ton of tutorials about how to do it. Since I’m able to get the test banner to load by mucking around with my game activity java file, I’m all but convinced that my google play app id or some other credential is wrong. I even went through the utter horror (6 hours it took…) of upgrading from UE 4.11 to 4.12. Interestingly, upgrading to the latest Android SDK/NDK has now broken 4.11’s ability to deploy to my Android device. I don’t know why. I don’t care at the moment. I just want these flipping ads to work. I used this tutorial most recently:

Like I said, I think at this point that my credentials are incorrect. Since I’m doing this work for someone else I don’t have access to their developer profile to verify, and they keep sending me different info. I can’t really blame them too much though, I’ve had the misfortune of navigating the minefield that is google’s various API “consoles” before when I did some analytics work and (back in the day) flash ads. It’s not pretty. Anyway, here’s the format for the credentials I’ve been sent, could someone maybe just confirm that the format is correct?

Games App Id: NNNNNNNNNNN (11 digit number)
Ad mob ad unit id: ca-app-pub-NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN/NNNNNNNNNN (16 digit number, followed by / followed by a 10 digit number)
Google Play License Key: (392 character alpha-numeric string)

Someone’s got to have an answer to this, please! I’ve exhausted every avenue of investigation and I’m basically ready to give up.

Your credentials seem to be the correct format. You must also put the correct product ID in on the ad mob site, do you have access to the to make sure its correct?

Hi joebeard,

Only 4.12 and up supports NDK11c installed with the latest CodeWorks for Android which is why 4.11 is not working any more; it supported up to NDK10e. It is possible to have both installed and change the NDK path, but the reason we upgraded to 11c was for proper Arm64 support.

As for Admob, the most common problem is having the wrong package name. You need to make sure the Ad Mob unit id is for your game id and package name.

Ah strange, I thought it was the NDK but switching back to 10e didn’t get rid of the “Android Support” message from the build menu. Im going to chase up access to the google play console, I’m convinced that I’m not being given the right info. Thanks for the tip about package name, that had slipped my mind and might well be the cause. I’ll implore the powers that be to give me some login credentials so that I can get this sorted, it has been haunting my evenings for the better part of a month. Cheers fellas!