Help - Adding assets to the project ( From the UE4 Store) also adds extra mannequin and animations

Hello Everyone,

I am still new to UE4. I purchased a few assets from the store such as some bushes and trees, swords and other cool stuff. When I add the assets I got form the store to my project, it also adds more mannequins and more animations to the project. This is causing an error with the animations for my character as I believe the engine gets confused on which mannequin and animations to use because all the new assets I added, also included such things, with the same name.

I am using the content examples the engine comes with, but all the extra folders from the assets I added also includes the same mannequin and animations in its folders… Now my character moves around on a T-Pose.

When I got to the characters blue print and try to change the base animation, I got 5 animations with the same name, just different source. The extra animations and mannequins come from the folders where each of the new assets I purchased are located.

What am I doing wrong??? or how can I import the assets I purchased but with out the extra mannequins and animations?

Please help