Help a new guy relating to a work project

At my job we are starting to get into doing some work for clients associated with museums, kiosks, and interactive experiences. As a part of that conversation with my team I decided to speak up about using UE to maybe facilitate creating some of these interactive experiences. I’d like to at some point show them a demo of what might be possible for us, and I’m endeavoring to create the demo myself. I’m new to UE4, and the last time I used the editor was when UE2 was packaged with UT2003. Clearly, it has come a long way, please read my ideas here and let me know how I might go about it! I understand this may be ambitious for a beginning but I’m really wanting to learn this and show something at work.

My goal with this demo is to build an interactive experience involving a water aqueduct. The user will be placed into a simple world and the goal of that user is to “finish” building the aqueduct. The aqueduct will first appear to be missing just a few “bricks” - incomplete - and unable to retain water in the aqueduct path. The user will need to be able to pick up bricks found on the ground around the aqueduct to “complete” the structure. Upon completion the user will be prompted (somehow, I’m not sure just yet) that they have completed the structure and at that point an animation of water will flow down the aqueduct successfully.

This will be lighted, textured, and I might even add in a music track and some sound effects. However, it will be very simple built using a simple terrain and cubes. I don’t need anything fancy as this is just to show the ability. Outside of building the terrain and cube structure (aqueduct) I have a few questions (links to other sites, or tutorials is just fine!).

How can I make pickup-able blocks?
How can I make those blocks insert/complete one of the aqueduct/cube walls when placed?
How can I trigger a moving flow of water down the aqueduct path once the wall is complete?

  1. create an actor bp for the cube - add a capsule - use an overlap event for the capsule - attach the bp to the character

(just attaching -> detach works nearly the same)

  1. you can do this in several ways.

-when the player has overlapped all cubes in the world (so when the player picks up a cube you could add +1 to an integer and when the integer is 30 you can trigger the water)
-depending on how you create point 2
-when the building reaches a certain height (overlapps a volume + enables a bool)