Help a firefighter psuedo-blueprint a virtual Fire Pump

I learned some basic modeling and put together a 3D version of my pump panel for my Engine at work. The problem is, hooking it all up to work and respond. Manipulating individual objects or doing the math is relatively simple but right now I’m having trouble putting it all together, and specifically, with the component selection process.

I purchased and integrated the Item Interaction Kit which does a pretty good job highlighted various objects. Right now it highlights the entire pump panel blueprint, (I need the individual components highlighted) Here is the manual if anyone is interested.

Specifically, here is what I am trying to do

  1. Have user be able to highlight objects with mouse - Right now the linetrace seems to get the blueprint and highlights the totality of the blueprint.

  2. Select the highlighted valve with a key which then ‘locks’ the post processing render as well as selects the item’s main variables to update and change variables related specifically to that item. For example, selecting preconnect1 would make it so that when the valve is gradually opened/closed (to a set limit) the variable for the %PreconnectOpen is changed and the variable PressureToPreconnect1Nozzle is updated, as well as GPM_Preconnect1. You get the idea. Right now this is the hardest part, getting the individual lines highlighted and selected.

  3. Communicate with all aspects of the pump panel, so opening up one valve fully will result in a temporary pressure drop to the master pressure (which the truck will throttle up its RPM’s to compensate) as well as a “temp permanent” drop to available GPM’s (you can only suck so much water out of a given hydrant).

I mainly am looking to make sure I am on the right track and to seek help for the individual items. I’d like to keep this all on one blueprint, as there is only going to be one instance of the pump panel for the time being and it would be nice to keep all things in one blueprint, even though it might be 50 variables, it would be much easier to communicate with one another.

I’m still learning Blueprint communications so you should assume I am a novice at implementing. (I’ve watched the 2 hour one from Epic, but replicating it is still a challenge)

I’m not sure if using a Post Process effect will allow selection of individual components. Personally I would create a master material instance with a scalar parameter plugged into the emissive channel and drive that programmatically through your blueprint. The master material would take in texture samples as a parameter as well, allowing you to plug in your albedo, roughness, normal, etc., and apply an instanced material to each component. The hit result from your line trace should return individual component references, allowing you to apply logic to specific components. Let me know if need me to explain this in more detail. :slight_smile: