Help! 3D platformer

(Originally posted in general discussion which I think was the wrong area, so I’m putting it here and will delete the other one)

I’ve been trying to get a 3d platformer going, but my various experiments with the third person template leave a lot to be desired. The physics feels very floaty and imprecise, the camera isn’t well suited, and I can’t seem to work out how to create a decent double jump. For anybody who has played the likes of Jak and Daxter or Ratchet and Clank you’ll have experienced that the movement / jumping is snappy (no real hang time in the air, it’s up and down) and the camera stays relatively stable and steady while the character moves around the screen going mental eg: this small gameplay sequence kind of demonstrates the jumping mechanic from Jak and Daxter.

So my Question.

Has anybody made a decent start on a 3D platformer, and would they be able to point me towards some decent resources? I don’t feel like any of the project starter templates really suit this… And there doesn’t appear to be any indie projects out there from which to glean info

And just to maybe rouse some interest in answering the question I’m attaching a w.i.p of some artwork that i’m working on for the main character the first town you start off in.

Thanks v much in advance!