[Help] 3D Interactive Blueprints

hello all, I’m a beginner. I’ve just learned a few things about the blueprint

I would like to ask for help if anyone can create interactive applications like this in the unreal engine 4, help me.

for navigations

for menu and features

so I wanted to create an interactive application on the anatomy of the human body, or perhaps one of the organs of the human body such as the heart, where we can rotate the object, zoom the object. so we could see the whole part of the 3d object from both inside and outside

and for the menu, I want to add to the application is, that we can display information from the object when we click on the part that we want. for example, when we want to display information from the left atrium, we only need to click on it from 3d object or from the menu.
more details can be seen in the third video that i share.

if there is someone who understands how to make it please share it here, I really need it.
Thank you :slight_smile:

sorry for my bad english…:smiley: