HELP! 2D Side Scroller Gone Wrong!

My sprite currently has three animations: Idle, walking, and jumping. The walking animation was/ is fine, but now when the player stops moving the idle animation kicks in but it automatically faces the player the opposite way that they they were just facing. I do not know what is causing this and all the tutorials I’ve watched never mentioned this happening and I followed them perfectly and their sprites did not have this problem. The second problem is with the jump, Currently the jump is set to happen ‘when falling.’ But as with the idle animation the character only jumps backwards. Along with this the jump will randomly have this problem where it does not recognize it has touched the ground and the character will slide around, as seen at the end of my video. There is no way to get out of the jumping loop it just stops sometimes, and sometimes it doesn’t happen at all. i can’t find anything on why this is happening. I want to attach a video I made but the forum keeps telling me that every video format I’ve converted the file into for the last hour, isn’t supported.