HelloARUnreal ARCore 1.3 build hanging at 95% loading

Hello, I’m trying to build some simple educational game proof-of-concepts for a fairly ambitious project for students with the new ARCore 1.3 release on github in Windows 10. I am able to load the ComputerVision, CloudAR, and AugmentedImages examples after I built from Google’s fork of the engine, however the main HelloARUnreal example gets stuck at 95% when I try to load it and then eats my CPU alive. This is the source of the examples: GitHub - google-ar/arcore-unreal-sdk: ARCore SDK for Unreal

So three questions,

  1. What’s up with that?
  2. Google says the official 4.19 release supports ARCore 1.2, shouldn’t HelloARUnreal also work in the official release (yes I tried)?
  3. How do I contact the people actually working on this? I have some feature-related questions for them.