Hello reading this book and have a question.

I’m reading this book so when I start c++ in unreal i’ll be really great. I know how to create classes and etc. but not to much about nested classes and classes in templates. For now I’m looking at a vector template with a user defined class parameter. I dont understand how it works due o the book not providing details. This is preventing form moving forward and help… see pics

A vector is a ‘container’ template. It just holds a number of a objects, like an array or a list does, but you don’t have to decide/know in advance how many items will be in the container; it will grow to accommodate more if needed. Vector and the other template containers all hold objects of a common class, this is what you pass to the template. Does that help? You weren’t very specific about the nature of your confusion

Thank you for the help astonish. I was at fault when I seen him trying to represent ‘8’ as a numeric value kind of read over that. Thanks again!!!