Hello, I'm looking to get Unreal.

I’m excited about learning UE4 as soon as I can, from the included content to the native C++ code I can write for it this may be the first set of tools I’m interested in. This is all coming from someone who had to drop out of school because I made the mistake of going to an online college, won’t mention which one but I believe I would’ve done better on a campus.

I really want to get everything I can out of the engine and would like to know about learning materials and/or assets I can use besides what’s included in the tools and this website. I really learn best from experience, so aside from relearning C++ again, I wouldn’t mind getting up to speed on UE4 all the ways I can and becoming part of this community.


Welcome in this great community :slight_smile:

Here are some useful links that will help you:

Thank you a lot. I will also check out your video tutorials from your signature link.