Hello! I hope I will learn how to do this!

Hello. My name is Lucas! I am happy to meet you all! I am a 3D modeler! Been modeling for some time but not that skilled, in my own opinion. I love Unreal and I just bought the UE4 and I can not wait to what it can do, and of course, what I can do with it. I hope I will meet a lot of nice people in this forum and that we may all have fun with projects and with each other! :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forums, Lucas! There is a really helpful and dedicated community here. :slight_smile:

Feel free to ask questions here or on the AnswerHub anytime you have questions. We’ve also got a lot of resources to help you learn more with the engine including but not limited to our:


YouTube Channel
Wiki Tutorials

Documentation Search - This is a great resource for searching. Not only does it search documentation but it will search AnswerHub, Forums, Docs, and other sites for the keywords you want.


Welcome Lucas! :slight_smile:

For the beginning I highly recommend you to take a look at the official tutorials. You will learn plenty of useful stuff :wink:

That doc search doesn’t appear to be working, Maybe its just me?

Welcome on board, do not feel shy to ask any question, no matter how basic. We all started somewhere. I am also a newbie, but & shamefully posted a lot of topics.

You can start with this:
Should take less than a week casually.

You can start with this:

Then download & look at the content example. It would take a while. Its a lot to digest, but you can look at it, so you have an overview of the features.

Then I will suggest follow through the youtube channels.

You can start with Introduction to material. Its very relaxing & easy to follow. Then maybe follow the ones on blueprint.