Height Map Creation Please help :)

**Hello there fellow developers!

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My name is and I’m trying to find away to make a height map for a certain place. I come from Lithuania, and we are making this project located in our Country.

We want people to explore our country and get to know our culture, history. So we have chosen XIX age. And our whole project is in “Nida”, goole maps link below:**

Curently I’am working on a certain place in Nida:


**My strugle is that I want to create a heightmap of that enviroment. So that it would be as close to reality as possible. I was browsing the net for suitibal tutorial on making heightmaps using googlemaps or Google earth. But all I found is confusion.

Could you please give me and my team tips or help or links to tutorials on how to accomplish this goal? :slight_smile: ATM I have no idea where to start or how to procced…

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This can get you started using real world data:

Link for world data DEMs:

There’s also several other sources for European DEMs I have seen. Now this data will need to be refined due to resolution.
Most take this file after conversion and bring it into World Machine or a similar application, then to Unreal or Unity. There’s several threads listed on the forums that talk about the process. I use to use Terragen years ago, was one of the original beta testers for version one years back, but I haven’t touched DEM files in awhile. Hope this sets you in the right direction.

DEM map -> World Machine -> UE4 export

To use heightmaps with UE you can use , select the square to want to extract, when press export cloud button and you receive png files fully compatible with UE 4