Health/Damage question.

Soo i have looked AnswerHub and gone thru Youtube and the Forums, and there’s many different ways of doing this, i have tried doing most of them and have not successfully got it working, i did not wanna bug the forums with a simple question but, What are way’s you guys have worked with this.

This is what i have did: ← Is the projectile
and ← is the static mesh

Some input would be awesome.

Watch the Blueprint Network tutorials. It goes over health and applying damage, setting them up as variables, and executing them in a ‘safe’ manner.

That video helped because i did not want to do anything with server side, soo I did this: ← The projectile ← Static Mesh Damage taken

When ever the projectile overlaps the Static mesh it will cause it to take damage and lose health, hope this helps people cause it was simple and to the point :slight_smile: