Header file for FUniqueNetId


During compile i get this error: Unrecognized type ‘FUniqueNetId’

I guess i have not included the correct header file.

Currently im including “Runtime/Online/OnlineSubsystem/Public/OnlineSubsystemTypes.h”.
Also, i have added “OnlineSubsystem” to PublicDependencyModuleNames.

Did i miss something? What is the correct header to include?
I saw FUniqueNetId beíng used in the FPS sample but can not figure out how they did it.

Hi, could you please post the code that’s causing the error.

Just in case; FUniqueNetId isn’t a UObject/UStruct type, so it can’t be used as a UProperty (if that’s what you’re trying to do).

hmpf… i feel a bit stupid now.

I already read that it does not work as a UProperty but did not think about it any further, because it was not used that way.

I used FUniqueNetId as an parameter in a UFunction, which in this case is the same… it does not work.

So… thanks for making me think about it again!