Headaches with dbgeng.dll

My projects have crashed several times, even ingame, with a “The prucedure entry point SetCheckUserInterruptShared could not be located in dynamic link library dbgeng.dll”
The thing, is that this makes me unable to completely use UE4 in a laptop i have, it just throws that, even after installing the engine with the installer. And sometimes, in the main PC, the engine “crashes” with that error, but then it keeps working. Now, it just appeared to me in a new project i made, after compiling it for first time, i cant load the engine due to that error.

For the people who has that, its becouse the engine crashes for some other reason, and it cant find the error log code. To see the error, look at the logs in the Saved/logs folder

Thanks, looking at the log helped me figure out the problem.