Having unreal engine run smoother

Hello I am new to unreal engine 4. I have made a couple attempts at mountain scenes and have used a lot of foliage like the rock and bush at very dense levels. But when I try to build the map and specifically the lighting the whole engine freezes. I can’t go into settings. I can’t alter my world. I can’t even cancel build lighting. So is there a trick for being able to do a full build without the whole engine freezing? Also when I build a world with a lot of mountains and foliage the lag for moving around and time for placing objects gets worse and worse. Is there a way you can stop that? How do big games like star wars battlefront 2016 make huge very detailed worlds without very much or no lag?

please reply below.:wink:

Sounds like it’s doing the pre-build scene compilation step very slowly. What are your computer specs?