Having trouble with 3rd person BluePrint scrpt

I am following Unreal Engines Youtube channel series on how to use the Engine. I am stuck on the Character animation series and need some help.

Here is my Event Blueprint for my character. There is an error message that I am not sure what it means. See it at the bottom of the page. I am not sure whats wrong at all.Movement Input.png

Here is my Character Anim Blueprint that scripts the values for movement.

Here is my character blueprint and its components.
Character Blue Print.jpg

Here is the Youtube episode link.

Basically when I start the game, I don’t even control my character at all. I can Fly around the level though. Anyone know what is wrong?

As the error said, you are not in a controller blueprint, then you need to “get player controller” and link it to target input.
About character, you need to select “mesh” and in details tab, add the character mesh and possibly remove hero tpp.

Hey Thanks a lot Fen. I can’t try that now while I am at work but when I get home i will.

Another question I have is how do I learn more about C++ and coding? In the Youtube tutorials I am just following what Zak does but not learning very much about how these Blueprints drive the system.

What do you suggest I do to learn more about coding?

To learn c++, i would follow
SaxonRah Tutorials :
Tom Looman’s tutorials : and
but there is the documentation too :
and the wiki :
Then i would search deeply in forum (especially and )
And this is only the beginning of course :stuck_out_tongue:

Personally I would start with some C++ projects outside of Unreal. Go to some more basic standalone applications for a little while, understand the basics of programming and then come back to unreal.