Having trouble getting VR Pawn to activate a ScrollBox

I’m still kind of a newbie and I’ve followed the UE Documentation tutorials to get a FirstPersonCharacter pawn to scroll a ‘ScrollBox’ widget in VR. I attach a ‘Widget Interaction’ component to the gun and it works nicely. I can setup my ‘Inputs’ and use the Thumbstick (R) Y-Axis to scroll a list up and down in the ScrollBox.

However, when I attempt the same setup using the default ‘VRPawn’, I can’t get things to work. I attach the Widget Interaction to the hand in the ‘BP_Motion Controller’ so I have debug lasers attached to the hands. Rollovers work but scrolling does not. I can set the VRPawn to autopossess Player-0 and test it and I don’t get scrolling. Then I just disable that and set the default FirstPersonCharacter to autopossess Player-0 in the same file that uses the same setup, and it works fine.

I must be missing some nodes or something that the VRPawn needs. Any ideas?