Having the UnrealBuildTool make an Android packages that uses Vulkan.


In the last couple of days I have been trying to create multiple Android projects that would use Vulkan but to no success as the builder does not want to use it during packaging. I have enabled Vulkan in the engine, by enabling it in the experimental tab. I have ticked “Enable Metal/Vulkan High-end mobile preview” and “Allow Vulkan Mobile Preview”. My graphics card, GTX 970 is up to date, I have the latest sdks including android N and r12NDK, 1.7.0. JDK and apache ant 1.8.2. . As a side note I cannot start UE4Editor.exe after adding -vulkan to one of its shortcuts, but I can however use the previewer(which contains the Vulkan naming when launched) and cannot build while the boxes have been ticked for arm7 and arm64.

I have attempted building only for Android N but to no success.

If anyone is interested in helping out I will try to reply with as much information as I can but over the weekend I will not have access to the UE4 machine.

Thank you and kind regards,