Having problems applying Dynamic Mat Inst to a 3D Widget.

I made a copy and modified the Engine material used on 3D widgets (Widget3DPassthrough_Translucent).
The material works when I set the widget in Blueprints directly and use an MPC for the desired varables but I rather use a DMI because I can change the parameters and most importantly there can be multiple values and it scales well without a long list of MPC variables and multiple copies of the same material with different MPC param names used. I tried searching for solutions with similar cases but no luck.

In the images is what I want to use.but I get the default grid result as seen in the other image. The other image is the intended effect working properly.

Below is the error I get. If I understand it correctly It is telling me I need to use a Material or Material Instance reference but I don’t see anything wrong with the materials I’m using.

LogMaterial: Warning: MaterialInstanceDynamic /Game/Stage2/Maps/LevelStreaming1/UEDPIE_0_LS_base.LS_base:PersistentLevel.BP_workspaceNode_2.label.MaterialInstanceDynamic_2 is not a valid parent for MaterialInstanceDynamic /Game/Stage2/Maps/LevelStreaming1/UEDPIE_0_LS_base.LS_base:PersistentLevel.BP_workspaceNode_2.label.MaterialInstanceDynamic_3. Only Materi
als and MaterialInstanceConstants are valid parents for a material instance.

did you find an answer to this please?