Having problem about SteamVR and Getting input actions

Problem definition:
This is a VR game, since the beginning of project I worked with Oculus Rift. Now I’m trying to HTC Vive porting (and future VR Headsets). HTC Vive was working fine on first day, with some modifications on Custom Player Character Blueprint. Using with “Motion Controller Trigger (L) etc” inputs same as I do on Oculus Rift.

But I wanted to use SteamVR, also Its necessary I think for successful review of build on steamworks.
So I installed “SteamVR Input for Unreal” plugin.
After 3 days;
-Game is running with SteamVR and game can access SteamVR settings or inputs. :heavy_check_mark:
-Steam can reach and use ‘steamvr_action_manifest’ file on my game :heavy_check_mark:
-I can change inputs in “Steam VR Bindings Dashboard”. In Editor or Build or in-game on steam. :heavy_check_mark:
-Everything look ok in basic system setup but “FireArrowRight” and “FireArrowLeft” inputs not triggering. :x:
-Controllers Trigger buttons work fine with other Input Actions. If I map Trigger button to “Grab Right” for example. I can grab a gun.:heavy_check_mark:
-In UnrealEditor Vive and Rift works fine. Trigger buttons/click works well, I can grab a gun and fire. :heavy_check_mark: But not in Build Version or in SteamBuild. :x:

What I tried?
-I tried enable/disable other VR plugins such as ‘OpenVR’ - 'Oculus Plugin" etc.
-I tried turning off and on again everything about million times :slight_smile:
-I tired custom inputs “TriggerLeftX” etc, and SteamVR’s default inputs like “FireArrowRight” none of them triggered.
-I tried last night change inputs on character blueprint. I attached “Grab Button” for fire gun. And I think it was worked, don’t remember much :stuck_out_tongue:

I also add some screenshots if it will helps

Thanks from now, that problem eats me. All my enthusiasm for the project escaped :confused: Game’s steam page, hope it works well when release. Release date is constantly postponed. I have no energy anymore.