Having issues with the Drop action from tutorial.


First and foremost, I’m having issues with my blueprint for my drop action. I was following the basic inventory gui tutorial on the Unreal youtube and I don’t know if a lot has changed since that tutorial was put out or not. In this instance I have an Action Interface blueprint which ties into my GameHUD Blueprint. I’m currently wiring up the nodes for the drop command and I have a drop action that has a target node and an in Actor node. I’m supposed to wire up my character to the target node but It’s not allowing me to like it is in the tutorial. Screenshot - b8d8bb3020fcc778b1957e7b083d8c87 - Gyazo Is there something I’m missing? I have the TopDownCharacter set as a variable. Maybe you all can see something I’m not?

Relevant info
Version 4.10.2

I can get more screenshots if needed.