Having issues with static meshes and onBeginOverlap / onEndOverlap

I have a BP actor with collision box component. onBeginOverlap / onEndOverlap work just fine with that.

If I replace collision box component with static mesh, it doesn’t work as it should. When another actor crosses the side of the static mesh, onBeginOverlap kicks in and does what it needs to do. However, if another actor passes further inside the mesh, onEndOverlap kicks in.

Static mesh component could be either imported as FBX or converted from a brush. In either case the behavior of onBeginOverlap / onEndOverlap is broken.

I can’t use collision box component in this case because I need a more complex shape to enclose level geometry. And I can’t add any custom collision shapes to BP (I couldn’t find a way to do so).

Another way would be converting static mesh to blocking volume of trigger type, but then I would have to use Level BP for onBeginOverlap / onEndOverlap for that volume.

Has anyone had any issues using static meshes as volumes to work with onBeginOverlap / onEndOverlap logic ? What am I doing wrong?


Any ideas folks?

Working as intended for me. Did a repro in one of the example maps provided. This is my setup:

I just simply used a cube provided in the VehicleAdvExample map as the static mesh. Collision Presets is set to OverlapAll.

I just double checked and if I use box collision that is listed in the drop down for adding components to BP - it works fine. If I use my concave static mesh - it doesn’t work.

EDIT: I turned my mesh into blocking volume type trigger and used Level BP for overlapping - worked fine if collisions preset is set to Trigger. Same thing as static mesh doesn’t work - same issue as in my OP.

So I replicated my setup from 4.11.2 in 4.12.5 and it doesn’t work in 4.12.5. Something is definitely wrong or I am missing something so small…