Having issues right out of the gate

I loaded up the sample flying project and tried adding a new default level. With no changes, if I hit play, the space ship from the sample level spawns, as well as some other things. Even if I make a blank level, all this stuff spawns when I hit play. How is it spawning? I can’t find the hook that is spawning this stuff. There’s nothing in the level!

I also don’t see a visual studio solution anywhere in my project. Does that not appear until I create a C++ class? I tried to create one and found out Visual Studio Express 2008 isn’t good enough, I need 2013, which doesn’t even support Windows 7! Hopefully the community edition is good enough?

Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that supposed to happen? It’s just like getting the blue guy or fps arms from other sample projects even if you create a new level. It isn’t tied to a specific map.

What happens when you choose another game mode? -> in the world Settings :slight_smile: