Having issue with aim animation for Paragon Character

Hello, I am trying to make a 3rd person shooter, and one thing I am trying to do is having an aim system by holding right click, problem is, it’s not working, whenever I press right click the camera zoom in but it doesn’t play the animation I wanted, I watched more than 1 video, and yet still not work… I have no idea what I am doing wrong, also I am new in all of this I am just learning now, I started watching tutorials and creating my game only yesterday if someone could help me would be much appreciated! I even set it in animations to play while I am idle or walking/running, and as transition rule, I set “AimTrue” Which is basically the variant I named when I right click, but yet still not work… =/ I watched more than 1 tutorial for this and none works. Thanks in advance if anyone is able to help me