Having alot of trouble trying to get the media player to play movies in the game I need help

Having trouble getting the Media Player to show the movie up in the UMG Widget
with a On Overlap Event collision trigger.

The Movie only shows up if I force it to show up through clicking on it in the media Player.
then the movie and its material does show the movie because I set the emissive pin to
the base colour pin. So I did this part right.

But in the actual game, all that shows up is just a black box on the screen as soon as I walk into
the on overlap trigger area. Now for some reason its not displaying the movie up on the
screen and media player window says there’s no movie to play ’ no media’ but I don’t know why
the media player is doing this…

Have I missed something out in the code somewhere?

If I have missed something important out, can someone please show
me the correction I need to make to get the movie to display on the widget
when I step into the trigger?