Having 2 identical 3D widgets in Scene (VR), but they don't update each other!?

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to develop a VR application with blueprints and want to have a menu that is on the one hand huge in the scene and on the other hand at another place (maybe even on one parented on a motion controller) but smaller.
The same menu page/setting should always be visible on both. So if I change the page in menu 1 or make a setting, this should also happen automatically in menu 2 and vice versa.

Unfortunately I’m still new in the game development and I can’t get it right now. Furthermore I couldn’t find a suitable post or something like that yet. I hope somebody already had the problem and can give me a solution?!?!

In the appendix you can find Pictures of a sample scene that describes the problem in more detail.
Short explanation:
The widget is attached via a WidgetComponent in an Actor Blueprint and placed in the level.
The widget itself consists of a WidgetSwitcher (which contains 2 widges for page 1 and 2) and 2 buttons to switch pages back and forth.
Maybe I can upload a video about it later.

Here I uploaded also a video to show the issue:

It would be so great if I could get a solution for this!
Thanks for your support!!!

Many greetings