Have to remake the blueprint after each .h change compilation

Hello! I have recently started getting into C++ development with UE4. I have noticed that every time I change the base C++ class (the .h file) I have to remake the blueprints because the changes are not fully reflected in them (for example after adding a component its details are not available). Is there a way to avoid this behavior and make changes instantly appear in blueprints?

You just have to restart the engine. This is why it is recommended to run the engine through Visual Studio. Once you have a C++ project, open its solution in VS and press F5. The editor will load up. This way you can also debug your code.

Yes, that does the trick. Thanks! But I’ve always preferred using Unreal’s “Compile” button as it gave more descriptive error messages in case there are any. Is there any way to have these in the IDE?

@zablas If there is an error, the Output window will tell you everything about it. Ignore the Error List all together, it gives false results all the time because of the macros.