Have multiple blueprint exec for single node?

I am making a game of pong. In Pong, the ball will have to reset sometimes to the center - either because a goal was scored, or because you are resetting the game.

Rather than creating separate yet identical reset functions for each of the three events, I’d like each of those three events connect to the same function. That way if I need to edit the function later I don’t need to make the same edit three times.

Problem is, the function will only accept one exec. Is there something like an “exec OR” node, so that I can say “If the game resets OR a left goal is made OR a right goal is made THEN reset”?

Thank you in advance!

You need to add custom enum for game states , variable of this state “currentState” and function which checks this “currentState”. If the “currentState” is “game resets” OR “left goal is made” OR “right goal is made” THEN reset. I have made project with things and it’s much more easier