Have anyone used Unreal Engine for short VXF films?

Im still waiting for my props from my designer, but meanwhile Im wondering if anyone have used Unreal Engine for short VFX films?

We trialed it for doing a few quick ‘n’ dirty pack shots internally, but decided it wasn’t suitable at the time (lack of proper output formats, AOVs etc). Its since come on a long way, and would probably work quite well for some simple stuff.

Actually we are doing a short 10-min movie for 3D cinemas so, yeah, it is possible :slight_smile: I dont think that the quality is bad, it depends in 90% of Your CG artist and programmers. Of course the regular Maya/Max etc. softwares are better in most aspects but with UE4 You can achive stunning quality. Look at Koola interiors, those are photoreal. Of course there is planty other stuff to do in VFX but if You are clever onught You can make decent top AAA quality graphics :wink: You do have also access to the Source Code of UE so the possibilities are endless. Most of the big companies dont use out-of-the-box softwares but they do changes it fit into their production pipelines and their are making their own tools.