Have a world trigger effect a BluePrint Actor's blueprint/components?

Hello, I am trying to have a trigger in the World make something change within a specific Actors Blueprint and their components. How can I make a trigger in the world upon overlap, change a component within another characters blueprint?

For example. My Actor has it’s own blueprint and a light as a component and I would like that light to turn off when the player interacts with a Trigger volume in the world that is unrelated to that Actor and it’s own blueprint.

I know how to make triggers effect other objects within the “Level Blueprint” editor, but I do not know how to make something in the “Level BluePrint Editor” change something within a different Actors blueprint and it’s specific components.

Any ideas or examples would extremely helpful and awesome. Thank you.

If I undertstand well, you can cast to the Game Instance Blueprint!

An overlap event has a parameter “Other Actor”. Simply cast to your specific blueprint with your light and access the light .

How would the cast work? Which Cast function (or blueprint box) would I use to Cast to another BP Actor and specifically one of its components?

Thank you again, btw. This has been stumping me forever!