Have a passionate vision for a game....want to hire devs, will kick-starter help?

Hi, I have been planning out a game that I think has great potential. I am very passionate about the topic, but I do not know how to develop and I want a proffessional dev-team to help create this game.

I have around 20k I am willing to invest, but I need much more to get this off the ground. Would Kick-starter be of any help for this situation and how should I go about this?

I am sure the game will have a market.


I will be honest.
You have idea for game. You think your idea is awesome, cool, and will change the world. Or something.
Sad part is, that you one of millions people who think they have idea for game.

The fact is that most of developers who know how to make games, are already working on them. And those who do not work, mostly won’t bother with working with someone who have just idea and no previous experience or money to offer.
Simply because they can just as well, find other fellows who already have experience, which can be more valuable than money when starting new project.

Congrats, you have a game idea.

Besides being the least crucial part of the development process (I don’t mean that to sound snarky, but iniside is right, everyone has an idea for a game - anyone who has ever played a video game has thought of a way they could make it ‘better’. The problem with what you’re thinking now is that no one is going to fund an idea on kickstarter. You need to have tangible assets, you need to show you have more than an idea. Create a vertical slice, make a demo, make a town or something. If your game relies on a mechanic that hasn’t been in a game before, make a demo that shows off your mechanic.

You’ve got the first step, your idea - now you need to make something to show it if you want anyone else to be interested in your idea.

It will just help you when you have something to show that people will convince → so a good trailer + pictures + text + … take a look at some of the successfull kickstarter projects :slight_smile: e.g Kingdom Come: Deliverance by Warhorse Studios — Kickstarter

Hey NotSure -
Glad to see you here. :slight_smile:

Just out of curiosity what is the game you have in mind? If you are not willing to divulge details publicly send me a PM. I might be able to help by sending you some online resources that can help your project. :slight_smile:

Also a bit of advice -

Stop planning and start prototyping.

That said - Jump in and start using Unreal 4 - It is very much worth every penny. :slight_smile:

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I would try and get your feet wet prototyping the game idea. Maybe it can be achieved quickly with blueprints? You’re going to have pick up a skill of some sorts whether that is programming, art, etc. Being just the “idea guy” isn’t good enough, unless you’re capable of paying your team competent wages from the get go.

Best of luck though! Give Blueprints a shot! :slight_smile:

Aghm… Here my advises.

#1 Don’t invest money before you’re familiar enough with the development phases of a game.

  • You risk to lose your investment and get disappointed.

#2 You need either developing skills or marketing skills to have realistic success chance.

  • Bossing around people in something you have no idea, except the idea itself :stuck_out_tongue: will result to wasted time and to advice #1

#3 Get more money and hire someone who have published at least semi-serious 2-3 game titles.

First you have to start “prototyping” as the user above me said.

Most important things:

What genre is the game. & What mechanics it’s using. For an example

A lot of dreaming people want to make an MMORPG, that’s work of a team of 20+ people at least… Not likely.

You can decide 2D or 3D, both have pros and cons, but in one sentence 2D is obviously cheaper to produce and you can produce a product with longer length, and 3D is more expensive, sacrificing the duration of the product. You’ll need to focus to release a short scene first.

If your game have personalities like 3D characters, that’s insane…

That’s a process of

Modeling, Texturing, Rigging, Animating, Integration in the Engine. That’s a really hard process and if you want a good results you need a talented person. (but the industry is always hungry for that kind of specialist, so it’s very unlikely)

Finding a single person with skills like that… is quite impossible, and if you do it’s MVP so you less than $3000 a month won’t be a chance.

Also you need Level Designer, (a person who will realize the work of everyone else in the actual game, he needs to have basic knowledge of all other aspects of the asset creation in order to execute it good)

You’ll need a programmer, focused on blueprint and C++ and the game programmers are… well… their coding sills should be impressive. :stuck_out_tongue: to handle the job.

You need sound engineer, that one is clear… yeah the guy who will make boom Bamm

That’s the bare limit of man power or skill power to start a classic game (you always can make a type of game that kind requirements are not needed, but let’s be honest… people dreams are no humble, so and your game idea I bet, lol)

Awhh… and I forgot… you need a marketing expect, because without one you’ll be relaying only on luck and producing extraordinary product, and I won’t relay on that.

I’m still quite new in all of this, but… knowing your limits is power too

Dreams are a dime a dozen. Work ethic is priceless. I wish I had understood that on a deep level when I was younger.

Make your game first, then go looking for the money and help to polish it. That is my advice.

Unless you have connections or wealthy relatives, you’re going to need to show any potential investors (whether they’re KickStarter investors, VCs, or Angels). Unless you’re a heck of a salesperson, you’re not going to be able to sell them on just an idea. You need to demonstrate that the game can be made, that you can get it made, and that the game will make enough money to make a profit (or, with Kickstarter, will be worth the amount you’re asking for). That means, you need a prototype, you need concept art, you need cool stuff that will impress upon the prospective investors that you’re worth investing in.

People who have enough money that they can risk investing in projects like this are generally pretty business savvy and skeptical. Convincing them won’t be easy.

I’ve toyed with the idea of getting VC funding to finish our game or using Kickstarter. We have over three years of story and universe development, and over a year of art and development work by a small full-time team, so we have stuff to show. With Kickstarter, we’ve been hesitant because you have to rise above the noise. There are a lot of projects on there. So many people have ideas, and want money that it’s hard to make even good ideas heard above the din. With VCs, we’d probably have a pretty good chance if we invested a few months into a pitch, but with VCs, they want a controlling interest so they can flip the project when it’s most profitable. As a creator, having your creation sold out from under you when you don’t feel like it’s done… well, I don’t want that, and nobody else on the team wants that either. It’s our baby and we want to keep control, so that means we keep self-funding.

Well KickStarter has been out for a while so easy enough to do some Google research.

Somethings I’ve come across.

KickStarter is a one shot deal so check out whats on KickStarter and see whats trending as to a successful KickStart.

Game KickStarts are not what they use to be and I’m thinking the honeymoon is over as to major dollars for major projects.

What ever you think you might need double it. KS takes their cut, taxes needs to be paid, as well as premiums.

KickStarter is not the way to go for big projects and large teams support as to paying for living expenses.

By far though the stories I hear from other is it’s a lot of work, don’t expect it to pay for living expenses, but if you go in with fixed costs that needs to be paid for, software or asset licensing, then KS would be helpful.

The thing about making video game for a living is it’s virtually 100% outgoing and 0% incoming until you release something that generates a revenue stream so as part of the big plan work on a small project like a buck a game on portables that you know you can do in a very short time.

Where 99% FAIL is because they go at it straight on with big plans to be the next great AAA title since Halo where what they should be shooting for is to become the next Angry Birds.

Of intrest.

It’s obvious a lot of KS games are low balling and some one really has to question if they plan to actually make the game.