Has UE got the tool for Speedtree?

Newbie here. For those that have used SpeedTree before - I note that one can buy tree packs from SpeedTree containing the tree meshes/models. However, does one need to buy the actual tool that applies or paints the trees onto a level in UE or does UE have the tool built-in required to apply the trees from the SpeedTree pack?

Hey, You don’t need the Subscription Modeler to use any of our store bought assets. They work with all of UE4’s awesome foliage tools. If you want to test out some SpeedTree’s we’ve got some free models you can try out here

The advantage of our Subscription Modeler is that you can edit the tree geometry, tune the wind effects, fine tune any LOD adjustments, make variations of any model you’ve purchased or create new trees from scratch. It’s a pretty powerful piece of kit. We also just announced some new perks to having a subscription including a 15% discount free models every month.

Hope that helps!

Thanks DannyOakes, that helped a lot! However I note the Subscription Modeler is great for more tweaking however if one has not got the Subscription Modeler, a Wind Direction Force can be added to trees to get wind motion for the tree(s) - correct?

Yep, as far as I know you can still control the strength of the wind with an wind actor + you can also change the wind type in the material :slight_smile:

Sounds good, thanks!