Has the path to resources changed in 4.26 or so?

I’m using the Articy Draft importer, and the icon for generating files is not showing up. I’d kind of like them to fix this asap. So, I’m going to point out that they’re not maintaining, or at least checking their Unreal plugin around Unreal’s release cycle.

Have the paths for assets recognized by the editor changed in the past five versions?

This line of code is giving me issues, and the asset name and path looks about right. Pretty sure it’s this as the debug log is throwing errors over the asset not existing, but the asset exists in the importers Resource folder.

 auto ImporterIconFinder = ConstructorHelpers::FObjectFinder<UTexture2D>(TEXT("Texture2D'/ArticyImporter/Res/ArticyImporter64.ArticyImporter64'"));